Celebrate Your Hunger

Find the Best Kind of Food to Love

Haida Gwaii offers the most interactive wild food harvesting you can experience. Whether you are exploring with a guide or solo, taste the extraordinary flavours of salmon or chanterelles you have wrangled from the wild.

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Get to know the grocers

Go into the places locals are familiar with. Visit hot-spots for cottage bakers and farmers that open the mind into what being a local is all about. (See what's upstairs!)


Go off the beaten track

Experience the Northwest at its finest by dining in Haida style at Keewaliis' Kitchen in Skidegate. If you are very lucky, you may even get invited to race a war canoe at Skidegate Days

See what the locals do

Okay, so once you out-dug that razor clam, how do you cook it? Susan Musgrave's is the newest addition to a select group of wild food foragers' cookbooks on what works best.

Some of the places that specialize in local fare

There is is a Haida saying that when the tide is out the table is set. These islands are known for the abundance of wild food provided by land and sea, and you are welcome to take what you need to eat every day. But watch for shellfish toxin warnings.
Please be sure to purchase a salt or fresh water fishing license from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans if you do engage in harvesting marine life. You can also find out about identifying your catch at the same BC Sport Fishing page.

Enjoy the Haida experience of your life