Boats and Zodiacs

Haida Style Expeditions
Welcome to our Backyard! Specializing in cultural adventure tours, Haida Style Expeditions introduces you to the history of Haida Gwaii through stories, traditional food and 5 years of experience you will enjoy spending time with us.

PO Box 1280 Skidegate  BC V0T 1S1
Ph: (250) 637-1151

Moresby Explorers
We provide adventure tours from one to four days in length.
We visit ancient Haida village sites, view wildlife, and explore the rich environment in and around Gwaii Haanas.
We also rent kayaks by the week and transport into Gwaii Haanas

Box 127, Sandspit BC V0T 1T0
Ph: (250) 637-2215 1-800-806-7633

Wiah Point  Tours
Tours to Yan out of Masset

Gwaii Haanas Guest House
Box 578 Queen Charlotte City, B.C. V0T 1S0
Located at Gwaii Haanas Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site
Phone: (250) 559-8689

Haida Expeditions Ltd.
Box 1297 Skidegate BC V0T 1S1
Ph: (250) 559-7885