Upcoming Projects


“The Humpback Whale” is scheduled to be completed this summer. After some three years in progress this magnificant structure is looking very good. Come on down and enjoy our garden, picnic area and our views.

We are currently working with local Artist Lon Sharp on this project- a locally designed and created 16 foot tall by 8 foot wide large scale art installation of a breaching humpback whale that will sit in the middle of our Interpretive Garden. It will be developed in the similar style as the “Spirit of Sandspit” using red and yellow cedars, combined with polyethylene tubing and copper sheeting.

Past projects:

Salt Water Touch Tank Aquarium — come on in and see what critters we have in our aquarium today.

Interpretive Garden and picnic tables
Spend some time in our waterfront garden enjoying the view and reading about local plant species.